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Loop the remote intelligent control and management solution

Shenzhen Hoion Lighting Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 07, 2015

The system is scalable multi-channel input/output, solid line a complete loop remote control and management functions;

Multi-channel AC contactors switching control;

Multi-channel current, voltage, power, power factor and power consumption testing, can realize remote automatic meter reading;

Terminator control can be realized;

Light sensors control can be realized;

Enables remote manual or scheduled automatic control and management;

Open the control box testing can be realized, realization security warning;

Which are widely used in street lighting, residential lighting, large indoor lighting as well as lighting circuits such as lighting remote control and management;

Compatible with single lamp control system of the programme, at the time of the upgrade for the single lamp control system does not require an additional device for easy system upgrading and avoiding duplication of resources.

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