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Multi-zone Wifi Control Solution For Led Lighting

Shenzhen Hoion Lighting Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 28, 2016

The function of home lighting control system is more powerful and the interface is more humanized. With the multi-zones control, which can achieve to control each zone lighting effects independently. It can be up to 10 separate zones at most. Combined with the application of WIFI technology, makes the controlling is more advanced, intelligent and convenient. you can customize the area photos as your ideas, also can be connected with the family of router through a smart phones with android or apple system or a tablet, install the corresponding control software to control the change of the LED lights. HMW-WIFI-V02 can be used as dimmer, CT ,and RGB controller, only need to select the right control interface in the software. it is used for controlling a variety of lights, such as, RGB LED strip lights, LED modules, LED down light, LED Panel Lights and so on. If you don't have any mobile devices with the controlling software at hand, you also could use a 2.4G RF Multi-zones remote control to control it. This model designed for both constant voltage and constant current led lights. It is truly intelligent.


1. Control led strips(constant voltage led lights) & ceiling light/down light/panel light (constant current led lamps)at the same time or individual control by one mobile.

2. With the 3-in-1(RGB ,CT, Dimming) apple/android software. One device suit to different lighting application scene, very flexible.

3.Compatible with home router .

4. Control up to 10 zones.

5. Simply APP interface, easy to operation.

          Colorful/RGB interface                       color temperature/CT interface                       Dimmer/DIM interface


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