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New Experience Of The World Of LED With New Product-RGBW Controller

Shenzhen Hoion Lighting Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 22, 2016

In order to meet the need of customer, the company launched a new type of controller-RGBW Controller. This kind of controller is designed for RGBW Led products. It have many advantages, for example , RF24 keys remote control, easy operation and independent control areas without interference for “RGB” and “W” part and so on. And there are 3 brightness level hot key for “W” control area. Meanwhile, you can adjust brightness, static color choices and various dynamic changes in lighting effects through wireless touch remote control. And according to the actual need of customers, it can carry out jumpy changing and gradual changing. In addition, multiple controllers can work synchronously when connected by network cable through the RJ45 connector, the network cable between 2 ports up to 80 meters.
Do you want to experience a new feeling of LED World? Do you want to enable your LED lamps to be much more unique. Please have a deep “touch” with our RGBW Controller.

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