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The Development Of Led Lighting

Shenzhen Hoion Lighting Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 23, 2016

With the incandescent lamp gradually become history, LED lighting has entered the homes of ordinary people. LED lighting, with its energy saving features to get more and more recognized worldwide.

The advantages of LED lighting is very prominent, and the LED lamp has high luminous efficiency and long service life, and the luminous efficiency can reach 2.5 times of the fluorescent lamp and 13 times of the incandescent lamp. The energy crisis and increase awareness of energy saving, so that prospects for the global LED lighting market increasingly bright. In the interests of the market and regulatory dual stimulation, the size of the global LED industry showed rapid growth trend.

As the global energy saving and emission reduction of the voice is getting higher and higher, not only the above-mentioned several LED lighting industry developed countries and regions, other countries on the demand for LED products is also growing.

At present, the development of LED lighting in China is in full swing, the number of enterprises entering the field is growing in a straight line, resulting in extreme market chaos. How to improve the scientific and technological content of LED lighting, reduce costs, become the key to the future of the enterprise.

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