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Why Should The TRIAC Dimmer Be Deserted?

Shenzhen Hoion Lighting Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 25, 2016

At present, most semiconductor suppliers support launching LED dimming diver with the function of TRIAC dimming for the reason of the convenience of consumers even though this kind of dimming method doesn’t have any excellent performance.

Today, the majority of family in European and American market prefer to dim the incandescent lamp by TRIAC dimmer. They hope the incandescent lamp will be replaced by the LED lights directly without rewiring and any modification on the existing fundamental facilities. 

As the TRIAC dimmer will negatively influence the LED lights from 5 aspects, it is not an outstanding method of dimming.

The first piece of negative influence: the TRIAC dimmer will inevitably damage the power factors. The power factors will decrease when the brightness is adjusted deeply as the method of brightness adjustment for the TRIAC dimmer is to clip wave, which will affect the quality of the whole power grid.

The second piece of negative influence: the TRIAC will resulted in serious EMI interference. 

The third piece of negative influence: the TRIAC will resulted in the conversion rate of power in the whole light. The rate will be lower than 20% when the brightness is adjusted deeply.

The fourth piece of negative influence: the TRIAC dimmer is not matched with the LED lights, which will cause the lights to flash and influence the using experience. Meanwhile, the health of the consumer will be damaged.

The fifth piece of negative influence: the TRIAC dimmer will resulted in serious THD problem. While the international energy standard begin to require serious THD norm. For example, EN61000-3-2.

In a word, it’s not a good choice for the LED lights to be dimmed by TRIAC dimmer.

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