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LWP120 Series Led Wall Panel CW+WW Controller

LWP120 Series Led Wall Panel CW+WW Controller

It adopts the most advanced PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) digital control technology, It is constant voltage led full-touch wall panel CCT controller, specially designed for CW+WW Led lighting. For instance, Led module, flexible Led strip, etc. To select the desired light levels or...

    It adopts the most advanced PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) digital control technology, It is constant voltage led full-touch wall panel CCT controller, specially designed for CW+WW Led lighting. For instance, Led module, flexible Led strip, etc. To select the desired light levels or color-temperature by the wall panel controller. It has many advantages such as beautiful appearance , easily to install, and simply to use. The dimension and structure of the wall panel are in line with the 120-type US standard.


     ● Designed for CW+WW constant voltage LED lights, Working voltage DC12-24V.

     ● Two channels output, Max. load current: 2CH*4A; Max. load power: 96W/12V; 192W/24V.

     ● The wall panel adopts the capacitive touch-sensitive design, unique appearance and easy-operation.

     ● Memory function, each time power-on reserve the mode which stop in the last power-down.

     ● Amplifier is available to achieve more LEDs sync-control.

     ● Structure/dimension/installation of the wall panel according to the 120-type US standards.


    Technical Parameters:

    Working temperature-20-60℃Working voltageDC 12~24V 
    Static power consumption<1WConnecting modeCommon anode
    Gray scale256 levelsPWM frequency700Hz
    External dimensionL120*W74*H38mmPacking dimensionL150*W90*H60mm
    Output2 channelsMax. Output current4A*2CH
    Max. Output power12V:96W,  24V:192W


    Interface Specification

    Wall-panel Installation instruction

    Step 1: Fixing the bottom cover into the wall;

    Step 2:Fixing the metal frame into the bottom cover with screws( projecting part upward )

    Step 3: Pressing the wall-panel into the metal frame, after connecting well the input and output wires.

    Direction of use

    Connecting the load wire at first, followed by the power wire; 

    Please ensure short circuit can not occur between wires before you turn on the power;

    ON/OFFTurn on/off the light.This button is designed with backlight, convenient for users locate it in dark environment
    Brightness +Brightness add key, each touch add 1 level, 256 levels in total.Long- press for fast adjusting
    Brightness -Brightness reduce key, each touch reduce1 level .Long-press for fast adjusting
    CW balance keybalance to cool whiteLong-press for fast adjusting. The sum of two channels output power remains constant when CCT balanced.
    WW balance keybalance to warm white
    Delay offDelay off the lights in 30 seconds
    Night lightNight light hot key Brightness of night light is 5%

    Typical Applications     

    Application circuit:

    Product information for placing order

    Product nameItem number
    Wall panel CCT controllerHX-LWP120-CCT

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