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Short Circuit Protection Of CV LED Controller
Shenzhen Hoion Lighting Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 07, 2016

When a short circuit occurs the controller will enter a short circuit protection state, don’t work properly. So the controller will not be damaged. To be simple, Protection the controller from damaging by short circuit.

Short Circuit will happen in the 3 conditions:

1.Over voltage, for example if the working voltage of the controller is DC12V, you connect the controller to DC24V, the controller will be damaged.

2.Overload, for example the controller output power is DC12V/144W, you have connect to 288W led strips, the controller will be damaged.

3.The strips V+ and the R G B lines, the V+ line was built together with the R, G,B, any of the 3wires by accident.

Pls attention: when the power supply is not stable or not enough, bad quality power supply(when use fluctuate wildly), the controller will enter into the SCP state too, not work correctly.

We can customized the controller with SCP function, it will decrease many artificial situation of damaged led controllers.

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